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Brooks Irving Mendell's Protect Yourself Secret of Unarmed Defense PDF

By Brooks Irving Mendell

In perfecting the program of self-defense in hand-to-hand wrestle, it's been the writers target to make on hand to a person an easy set of safety measures designed for use in any emergency the place ones individual is at risk of actual attack. totally defined either in photos and phrases within the pages of this booklet, those holds and throws enable you guard yourself from the tips of jujitsu, judo, mugging, and all kinds of actual assault. it's a basic and direct science—a topic of figuring out how your muscle mass and joints paintings, of figuring out the important relation among circulation and stability, of understanding what your competitors susceptible issues are and what your personal robust issues are. and there's anything extra, when you've got mastered this system—a self belief that involves you with the data that you've constructed a collection of mind-directed reflexes that would shield you, even in occasions the place often you wouldn't have time to «think» what to do subsequent. the restrictions of correct- and left-handedness will be overlooked, or even the virtue your opponent could occasionally have in energy and measurement. The outdated adage—»In wisdom is strength»—was by no means extra thoroughly utilized than to the artwork of straightforward, powerful self-defense in motion.

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2. Suddenly you—the victim—grasp his hand with your right thumb on the back of his hand and your middle finger against the base of his thumb, on the palm side. 3. Pull up and out with middle finger as you press up with your thumb. Use your left hand, too, for added force, with thumb also against the back of his hand, as shown. 4. Pushing with your left thumb against the hinge action of his wrist forces his whole body under control. He can be thrown completely over and his hand rendered useless.

4. By pulling with his left hand and pushing with the right he has you completely helpless over his extended knee—unless you know what to do. See page 30. 61 THE LEVER AND FULCRUM USED IN THROWS — TWO ARCS The point of your body which is used as the fulcrum determines the manner in which an adversary is thrown and the arc his falling body describes. The basic principle is that of resistance in one direction overcome by a stronger force—not necessarily strength—in the opposite direction. 1. Using the heel as a fulcrum, step forward on the other foot (here the left) and place your heel around your opponent's left heel.

3. Against two-hand "Adam's-apple crush," shown here, grasp your assailant's right wrist firmly, and as you drop your shoulder place your thumb behind his little finger. 4. As he is compelled to release his hold, continue to force his finger back toward his wrist to gain complete control. BEWARE OF THE LAPEL-GRABBER Many of the Jap Jujitsu and Judo throws start this way. 1. The coat is a ready-made straightjacket, so watch out for this seemingly harmless gesture. 2. —your arms are pinioned to your sides before you realize what your assailant is up to.

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