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Download PDF by American Association of State Highway and Transportation: Maintenance Manual for Roadways and Bridges

By American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials

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ISBN-13: 9781615830367

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This guide is meant for these early of their occupation in roadway and bridge upkeep and should help in knowing a few of the approaches, equipment, and fabrics which are utilized to take care of bridge and road platforms successfully. This 2007 variation is predicated on info gleaned from fresh road transportation literature on upkeep and from NCHRP SP20-07, job one hundred seventy, and incorporates a new bankruptcy on platforms Operation and administration. (Supersedes the 1999 variation of this title.)
• entrance subject
• Preface
• desk of Contents
1. upkeep administration
2. Roadway upkeep and administration
three. Bridge upkeep and administration
four. apparatus structures
five. upkeep study and improvement
6. Tort Litigation
7. structures Operation and administration

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4 Role of Roadway Maintenance in the Safe, Efficient Operation of Facilities As stated earlier, roadway and bridge maintenance is the primary means by which a highway agency keeps the transportation network a safe, efficient facility for the public road user. While the trend is to increase preventive maintenance practices, “there is a practical limit or point of diminishing returns for the preventive activities that can be afforded or justified” (14). Maintenance assumes a primary role in monitoring the safety and efficiency of the roadway network by responding to shortterm maintenance needs such as potholes, damaged guardrails, washouts, knocked-down signs and signals, traffic accident cleanup, explosion damage, material and cargo spills, flood damage, landslide damage, rock falls, blizzards, and debris from windstorms.

34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. Lebwohl, A. S. Transportation Research Circular E-C052: Compass: Case Study of How Wisconsin Adapted NCHRP 422. Transportation Research Board, Washington, DC, 2003, pp. 93–107. Markow, M. , F. D. Harrison, P. D. Thompson, E. A. Harper, W. A. Hyman, R. M. Alfelor, W. G. Mortenson, and T. M. Alexander. National Cooperative Highway Program Report 363: Role of Highway Maintenance in Integrated Management Systems. NCHRP, Transportation Research Board, Washington, DC, 1994.

Then one work zone traffic control pattern can be used to protect both workers and the motoring public for two activities, with half the disruption. On a broader scale, interaction, coordination, and liaison with other agencies responsible for maintenance can often permit performance of maintenance through contract relationships in ways that can get the whole job done with fewer crews and fewer traffic control setups. This is particularly the case in urban freeway maintenance (12). See NCHRP Synthesis of Highway Practice 170, Managing Urban Freeway Maintenance, for examples and details (12).

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