How can I pay for the compressor?

You can use either a credit or a debit card and you call in to have your order processed.

How can I order?

Call in and our Technical support team will assist you and process your order. Our direct phone number is (305) 489-1600.

How much warranty will you offer?

Compressors To Go offers a 1 year warranty.

How can I make sure that I get a competitive price?

CompressorsToGo is one of the biggest compressor distributors in South Florida. Due to our purchasing power CompressorsToGo receives great discounts from the manufacturers and we are happy to transfer these benefits to our clients. You can challenge us and send us a quote with a compressor you normally buy and we will try and beat that price.

Are you going to deliver the compressor to the job-site?

Yes, CompressorsToGo delivers the compressors directly to the technicians. The technician doesn’t have to leave the job site, while he is dismantling the air conditioning unit. We can deliver the compressors to you in 1hr or less.

How will I receive the invoice?

You will receive the invoice through the email.

How can I make sure CompressorsToGo will deliver a right compressor?

Our Technical support team will assist you to chose the right compressor based on the specifications of the one you want to replace.

Can I just buy the compressors when I am not at the job site?

Yes, Of course we can deliver it to businesses as well, where ever you may be in South Florida or even out of the state.

Do you offer a full range of compressors?

Yes, we offer from 1 ton all the way to 15 ton and everything in between. Also we distribute multiple brands such as Panasonic or Copeland.

Is the delivery really free?

Yes, we do the first deliveries free just to gain your business.

Who is going to deliver?

One of our dedicated drivers will deliver it right over to you.

What happens if the driver doesn't find me or the address?

We will connect you with the driver and both you and the driver will have each others contact information.

Can I order other AC parts as well?

Yes, we are a whole sale distributor we can sell you the entire unit if need be and deliver it to you.

Do you have a Technical support?

Our experience and expertise in the heat pump and refrigeration business will assist you in finding the best compressor for your specific job completion.

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